Energy analysis with Python

by Marco Bonvini on Friday January 29, 2016

Recently Daniel McQuillen asked me to answer few questions on his blog Daniel is a freelance software developer that I met while working at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Daniel is very interested in energy and technology and he has a blog where he tries to merge these two topics. If you’re interested in my interview you can find it here.

During the interview I was asked to showcase the use of Python for doing some interesting analysis with energy data. I decided to provide a small example that shows how to analyze energy data from multiple houses using Pandas.

If you’re interested I suggest you to look at the project I created on GitHub mbonvini/EnergyAnalysisWithPandas that contains both the data and the python script to process it and generate the images. If you want some extra details about the example you’ll find them in the wiki page of the project.


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