My research activity is focused on the creation of mathematical models and algorithms that support the way buildings and energy systems are operated. In particular I am interested in how automatic control can help buildings perform better. Model predictive control, state and parameter estimation, are some of the tools I used to investigate how buildings could improve their performances. This article titled If buildings could tell us what's wrong provides a general overview of the research I've done in this area.

Mathematical models are necessary to support the design and operation of buildings and shared energy systems. During the PhD and in the last years I put a lot of effort in modeling a number of different systems, from unconventional HVAC components, control systems, buildings, electrical systems and fluid dynamics. Below you can find a list of papers that describe the work I've done.

Latey I started focusing on data science and statistical methods to understand how energy data can be used to inform people about things that are happening around them. These activities are typically classified as non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM).

7 - Cyber physical modeling of distributed resources for distribution system operations

Spyros Chatzivasileiadis, Marco Bonvini, Javier Matanza, Rongxin Yin, Zhenhua Liu, Thierry Nouidui, Emre C. Kara, Rajiv Parmar, David Lorenzetti, Michael Wetter, Sila Kiliccote
Proceedings of IEEE () 2015 - p. , ISSN
Keywords: Co-simulation, Distributed resources, FMI, Simulation

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6 - Equation-based languages - A new paradigm for building energy simulation and optimization

Michael Wetter, Marco Bonvini, Thierry Nouidui
Energy and Buildings () 2015 - p. , ISSN 0378-7788
Keywords: Building simulation, Optimization, District energy systems, Object-oriented modeling, Modelica, FMI

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5 - Sub-zonal computational fluid dynamics in an object-oriented modelling framework

Marco Bonvini, Mirza Popovac and Alberto Leva
Building Simulation (7) 2014 - p. 439-454, ISSN 1996-3599
Keywords: computational fluid dynamics, object-oriented modeling, airflow simulation, building simulation, Modelica

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4 - Robust on-line fault detection diagnosis for HVAC components based on nonlinear state estimation techniques

Marco Bonvini, Michael D. Sohn, Jessica Granderson, Michael Wetter and Mary Ann Piette
Applied Energy (124) 2014 - p. 156 - 166, ISSN 0306-2619
Keywords: Fault detection and diagnosis, Bayesian updating, Chiller plant faults, Unscented Kalman filtering

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3 - The PID+p controller structure and its contextual autotuning

Martina Maggio, Marco Bonvini and Alberto Leva
Journal of Process Control (22) 2012 - p. 1237 - 1245, ISSN 0959-1524
Keywords: Autotuning, PID control, Process control, Industrial regulators

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2 - Object-oriented quasi-3D sub-zonal airflow models for energy-related system-level building simulation

Marco Bonvini, Alberto Leva and Erica Zavaglio
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory (22) 2012 - p. 1 - 12, ISSN 1569-190X
Keywords: Building simulation, Energy optimisation, Object-oriented modelling, Modelica, Sub-zonal airflow model

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1 - Object-oriented sub-zonal modelling for efficient energy-related building simulation

Marco Bonvini and Alberto Leva
Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems (17) 2011 - p. 543-559, ISSN
Keywords: building simulation, energy optimization, object-oriented modelling

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- IEA Annex 60 Activity 2.3 Model use during operation: approach and case studies

Raymond Sterling, Alberto Giretti, Marco Bonvini, Zheng O'Neill, Michael Wetter, Mats Vande Cavey, Andrea Costa, Gesa Boehme, Wangda Zuo, Ralf Klein, Bing Dong, Marcus M. Keane
In proceedings of 15th Building Simulation conference, 2015 - p. 355 - 362
Hyderabad, India
Keywords: Modelica, Building simulation, Fault detection, Model predictive control

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- Gradient-based optimal control of batteries and HVAC in district energy systems

Marco Bonvini, Michael Wetter
In proceedings of 15th Building Simulation conference, 2015 - p. 363 - 370
Hyderabad, India
Keywords: Optimization, District energy systems, IPOPT, Control

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- Comparison and application of different state estimation techniques for control in buildings

Mats Vande Cavey, Marco Bonvini, Lieve Helsen
In proceedings of 15th Building Simulation conference, 2015 - p. 372 - 378
Hyderabad, India
Keywords: State estimation, Control, Buildings

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- Modelica Buildings Library 2.0

Michael Wetter, Marco Bonvini, Thierry S. Nouidui, Wei Tian, Wangda Zuo
In proceedings of 15th Building Simulation conference, 2015 - p. 387 - 394
Hyderabad, India
Keywords: Modelica Buildings Library, Modelica, HVAC, Elctrical systems, Building simulation

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- Bridging the Gap Between Simulation and the Real World An Application to FDD

Marco Bonvini, Mary Ann Piette, Michael Wetter, Jessica Granderson, Michael D. Sohn
In proceedings of ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, 2014 - p. 14-25
Asilomar, California U.S.A.
Keywords: Fault detection and diagnostics, FDD, FMI

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- An FMI-based toolchain for the adoption of model-based FDD

Marco Bonvini, Michael Wetter, and Michael D. Sohn
In proceedings of ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA Building Simulation Conference, 2014 - p. 137-144
Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A.
Keywords: Fault detection and diagnostics, FDD, FMI

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- A Modelica package for building-to-electrical grid integration

Marco Bonvini, Michael Wetter, Thierry S. Noudui
In proceedings of IBPSA BAUSim Conference, 2014 - p. 6-13
Aachen, Germany
Keywords: Modelica Buildings library, Electrical models, Distribution grid, Modelica

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- Object-Oriented Modelling and Simulation of Air Flow in Data Centres Based on a Quasi-3D Approach for Energy Optimisation

Alberto Leva, Daniele Mastrandrea, Marco Bonvini, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos
In proceedings of IEEE/ACM 7th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC), 2014 - p. 554-559
London, UK
Keywords: Cloud computing, Control, Sub-zonal models

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- Dynamic Modelling of Desiccant Wheels for the Design of Energy-Efficient Air Handling Units

Alberto Leva, Erica Zavaglio, Marco Bonvini
In proceedings of 19th IFAC World Congress, 2014 - p. 11629-11634
Cape Town, South Africa
DOI: 10.3182/20140824-6-ZA-1003.01409
Keywords: Desiccant wheels, Control, HVAC

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- An FMI-based framework for state and parameter estimation

Marco Bonvini, Michael Wetter, Michael D. Sohn
In proceedings of 10th International Modelica Conference, 2014 - p. 647-656
Lund, Sweden
DOI: 10.3384/ECP14096647
Keywords: FMI, State estimation, Unscented Kalman Filter, Parameter estimation

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- Exploiting object-oriented modelling for scalable-detail studies on control for energy efficiency

Marco Bonvini, Alberto Leva
In proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Controls Applications (CCA), 2012 - p. 770-775
Dubrovnick, Croatia
Keywords: Object-oriented modeling, Energy systems, Building simulation, Modelica

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- Fluid flow modelling with modelica

Marco Bonvini, Mirza Popovac
In proceedings of 7th International conference on mathematical modeling (MathMOD), 2012 - p. 1047-1051
Vienna, Austria
DOI: 10.3182/20120215-3-AT-3016.00185
Keywords: Compuational Fluid Dynamics, Airflow modeling, Modelica

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- A Modelica library for Industrial Control Systems

Marco Bonvini, Alberto Leva
In proceedings of 9th International Modelica Conference, 2012 - p. 477-484
Munich, Germany
Keywords: Modelica, Controls, Control systems

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- Object-oriented modelling of industrial PID controllers

Alberto Leva, Marco Bonvini, Martina Maggio
In proceedings of IFAC Conference on Advances in PID Control, 2012 - p. 152-157
Brescia, Italy
DOI: 10-3182/20120328-3-IT-3014.00026
Keywords: PID, Control, Object-oriented modeling, Modelica

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- Enhanced storage tank simulation using dynamic fluid modeling with Modelica

Marco Bonvini, Alberto Leva, Vladimir Vukovic, Stefan Wischhusen
In proceedings of IBPSA BAUSim Conference, 2012 - p. 98-104
Berlin, Germany
Keywords: Modelica, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Thermal energy storage

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- Object-oriented sub-zonal room models for energy-related building simulation

Marco Bonvini, Alberto Leva
In proceedings of 8th International Modelica Conference, 2011 - p. 276-285
Dresden, Germany
Keywords: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Sub-zonal model, Modelica

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- Scalable-detail modular models for simulation studies on energy efficiency

Marco Bonvini, Alberto Leva
In proceedings of 8th International Modelica Conference, 2011 - p. 39-47
Dresden, Germany
Keywords: Object-oriented modeling, Building simulation, Modelica

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- Efficient hybrid simulation of autotuning PI controllers

Alberto Leva, Marco Bonvini
In proceedings of 8th International Modelica Conference, 2011 - p. 56-63
Dresden, Germany
Keywords: PID Control, Auto-Tuning, Simulation, Modelica

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- Modelica as a design tool for hardware-in-the-loop simulation

Marco Bonvini, Filippo Donida, Alberto Leva
In proceedings of 7th International Modelica Conference, 2009 - p. 378-385
Como, Italy
DOI: 10.3384/ecp09430087
Keywords: HIL, Hardware-in-the-loop, Modelica

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